So you may be wondering. What happened to all those comics Robin used to have up here? Well, I decided it was time to get out of the early 2000’s and join this whole web-comics thing that’s been going on.

That being said, I will be re-posting all of Jam in the Band over the coming year. But to make it worthwhile for those of you who have been through this journey before, I am adding a director’s commentary to every page. I always wanted to share my ideas and inspirations for Jam in the Band with YOU the reader. And now I have a chance to. Also I have re-sized the images so that there larger and more readable.

And this is web 2.0 here people. So lets make this a back and forth conversation. I’ve got a comments function. So please let me know what your are thinking. This is an experiment in changing the discourse on comics making. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

BTW this cover is of course a take off of this cover

But more about that here.